Article Review


The articles submitted to be published in Psique will be evaluated by two experts in the scientific domain of the paper, Ph.D in Psychology.


These are the steps involved in the process of manuscript submission and acceptance/rejection:


  1.    Manuscripts are received by the journal’s editor in chief and after a preliminary analysis will be sent to two reviewers, in a double-blind peer-review system. Both reviewers’ and author’s anonymity is preserved;
  2.    Reviewers will assess the manuscripts and express their opinion on the quality and pertinence for the journal’s aims and scope and should suggest specific reformulations to improve the quality of the manuscript.
  3. In case both reviewers disagree on their assessment, the editor in chief may assess the manuscript and decide about its publication or request the opinion of a third reviewer.


Each reviewer should carefully read the manuscript and issue a justified and reasoned report on the appropriateness of manuscript for publication in Psique. The dimensions to consider in the evaluation process are the following:


  1. Relevance and up to date of the theme of the manuscript for the scientific field of Psychology;
  2. Coverage, adequacy and up to date of the analyzed scientific literature;
  3. Appropriateness of the methodological procedures in relation to the objectives of the study;
  4. Clarity of writing and correction of the article structure, according to the APA structure criteria;
  5. Validity of the results obtained in relation to the objectives and the methodological procedures developed;
  6. Scope, articulation and in depth of the discussion of the results obtained;
  7. Formal correction of bibliographical references, formulas and tables; according to the APA formal criteria.


For guidelines on the ethical criteria in the editorial process please read the Publication Ethics and Best-Practice Guidelines.


Authors will be informed of the editorial decision, usually during the period of three months, which may be:


  1.         a) Accepted (the manuscript is accepted for publication as it is);
  2.         b) Conditionally accepted (requires minor reformulations), in this case the paper may be accepted by the editor once the author introduces the minor reformulations;
  3.         c) Invited to re-submit after major revisions (the theme is of interest, yet the manuscript needs major revisions). In this case, authors are advised to rewrite the manuscript in accordance to reviewers’ suggestions and re-submit it. Re-submitted manuscripts are sent to reviewers for re-assessment;
  4.         d)  Rejected (when the manuscript does not meet the criteria for publication).


On the link below you will find the evaluation format for the evaluation of manuscripts submitted to Psique


Manuscript Evaluation Sheet